Ocillation: Dynamic compaction systems

With dynamic compaction systems the compaction performance of a roller or compactor can be clearly improved ... more

HD CompactLine: Now also as an oscillatory roller

There are no less than four new rollers to discover in the HD CompactLine. The feature that makes them so special is oscillation ... more

H 11i, H 13i, H 16i: new athletes for earthworks

Alongside the H series heavyweights, HAMM is launching new models in the 11 - 16 t weight class in time for bauma 2013 ... more

HCQ: Hamm Compaction Quality

Nowadays, compactors have to do far more than just compact. Ideally, they should detect when and where exactly how much compaction work is still needed ... more

Sales and Service worldwide

We are present for our customers with some 55 sales and service companies and over 100 dealers worldwide ... more